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Kokkinelis Sons Co., Ltd, based in Athens, Greece, was established in 1965 by Antonios Kokkinelis and has been engaged in the field of leather belts' manufacturing since then. Expanding its activities and investments in mechanical equipment as well as in human capacity, in 1987 the company moved to new, privately owned premises of 600m2 while, the same year, Antoniou Kokkinelis' sons, Giorgos and Dimitris, took over the family business. The long experience and the trained personnel, the fine quality of its products and the huge collection of both modern and classic designs, render Kokkinelis Company as one of the top leather manufacturers in Greece. Moreover, Kokkinelis Co. has the flexibility of manufacturing men and women belts according to the needs and requirements of each customer, by designing unique articles and own label products. Many of its designs are sold under its own brand name "AMICO CLUB".
A very important point for the company was year 1981. Since that time it represents the famous French firm "GUY LAROCHE" , which trusted and chose Kokkinelis company for the design, manufacture and exclusive distribution of Guy Laroche leather belts in Greece and Cyprus.
Its continual growth and its development in other sectors as well, led to the acquisition of one more up-and-coming French firm "SAINT CLAIR". Since 2006, Kokkinelis Co. designs and manufactures not only leather belts but also professional bags (briefcases, A4 folders etc.) on behalf of "SAINT CLAIR" brand, which exclusively represents in whole Europe.
Its customers are the biggest department stores in Greece and first class retail stores (clothing, footwear, accessories), while with the recent obtainment of "SAINT CLAIR" brand agency it aims at expanding its sales network and consolidating its position in European markets!